When direct flights are cancelled, buses are the cheaper alternative

Due to congestion at Mumbai airport, a large number of flights from Mumbai to smaller cities have been cancelled
If a traveler still wishes to travel by air, they have to travel to pune, which takes 4 hours, and then catch a flight
Alternately they can a flight to Hyderabad and then take a flight to the smaller city in a smaller plane.
The travel time from Mumbai to smaller cities using these flight options is usually 8-10 hours
In comparison the bus travel time between Mumbai and smaller cities is usually 11-12 hours since there is a direct bus. The bus journeys are at night, so the traveler can also save some time.
The airconditioned bus is also much cheaper, and the passenger does not have to go through security check, change the terminal. So though the internet sector is notorious for filing fake cases regarding bus travel, it remains the best option if the direct flights are cancelled.