Month: February 2024

Airline ticket prices increase 4 times after airlines asked to reduce flights to Mumbai

The government has asked the airlines to reduce the number of flights to mumbai airport, and this has caused great hardship to travelers.
While there are usually multiple flights to metro and larger cities, for some smaller cities there is only one direct flight to Mumbai
The airline has cancelled the direct flight to some smaller cities.
Usually the direct flight from Hubli in north karnataka would cost Rs 4000-6000 now there is an indirect flight which is costing Rs 18000-22000
Those who paying using credit card find their credit card limit is reached if they purchase the expensive airline ticket
Train travel to Mumbai is taking 17 hours which is a very long time and risky for those who have powerful enemies.
People travel to smaller cities because their relatives are senior citizens, yet this massive air ticket price hike has forced them to postpone or cancel their plans to go back to mumbai, since coming back will also be very expensive.