I Have Been on Vacation for Two Weeks

Of course I was not exactly on vacation. As always I am supposed to look after the bass player. I doubt the band and the label would care so much about him if he were not also the best songwriter in the band by several miles. He and I ended up in Las Vegas and for some reason he started to look for a las vegas escort service almost as soon as we were wheels down at McCarron. Of course I am supposed to look after him, but the truth is that the label seems to have foreseen this event. So they had a phone number and I suppose that I might sort of have to worry about my job, although the babysitting part of it and not the other stuff I do. The bass player and she went off on their own, just like boyfriend and girlfriend. They saw the shows and did some gambling. Some how he managed to not lose any money really, hardly like the other times he has been in casinos.

I just found a girl by accident. She was working the floor as a dealer at a poker table the first time I saw her and then later I ended up at the same table. It did not take me long to realize that I was in the wrong game. When you look around and you do not see the sucker, then you can get up and walk away while you can afford to do it. At any rate the next morning she sat down while I was eating breakfast and working on the next tour’s planning. At first I did not plan on staying for two weeks, but I had a label credit card and a bunch of comped stuff from the hotel and casino.