Month: October 2019

Goa police harassing, fining taxi drivers who bring domain investor to panaji from airport

It appears that a very senior and powerful official in goa hates the domain investor a lot and is asking the goa police to fine the taxi driver a large amount whenever he gets any opportunity.
In July or April, the taxi driver was halted by the police in goa, the domain investor could not determine the fine amount.
In october 2019, the taxi driver mr. raj was also halted and asked to pay a fine of Rs 500 for a minor offence.
The taxi driver was not wearing the uniform, so he was fined Rs 500 which is a fairly large amount
The taxi driver was saying that the police are imposing fines on them almost every day, they do not harass other drivers, only they are targetted for fines, indicating that only the vulnerable are being fined