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Mocking a prime minister for taking a commercial airline flight is not in good taste, shows lack of class

Hindi television channels are interesting because they are fairly prejudiced and open in mocking people and countries.
It is well known worldwide that the Pakistan economy is not in good condition, and the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took a commercial Qatar airways flight while visiting the United States instead of a having a chartered flight, which the indian prime minister is usually taking, Air India continues to make massive losses, and the indian taxpayer pays.
Indian hindi television channels showed that they did not have good taste, when they repeatedly mocked the Pakistan prime minister for taking a commercial Qatar airways flight which would help save his country some money.
If the country does not have much money, there is nothing wrong in the top leaders taking a commercial flight

It shows the mindset of the rich, powerful and influential in India, they are very open in mocking and ridiculing those who are not as rich as them. Many people in India also purchase the cheapest tickets available because they do not have enough money, when rich mock or ridicule people who are not as rich as them, it shows lack of class.