We Had a Huge Flock of Geese on Our Property

We have a big open yard that has trees around the edge. We built our house here on this lot we bought just this past year. We had no idea it was a familial nesting spot for Canada geese. We did not want to ruin this spot for them to rear their young. Had we known, we would not have bought the property. We had to call Canada geese control in NJ to come out and help us find a way to get the geese to choose another spot.

It is sad that we are an incursion on their nesting spot. However, we cannot afford to move. It put us in a difficult position, especially since we have always been concerned about animals and their welfare. The issue about nesting geese is that the next generation will typically return to the spot where they were reared. We had to break that cycle with this flock. The main reason is that geese can become quite aggressive, especially when nesting. They are big birds, and they will, sometimes, fly right toward your face.

The thing to remember is that they are just birds. They do not have teeth and jaws that can rip away flesh like a dog bite can do. However, those feet can scratch you up. Plus, it is possible for a person to severely injure a goose if one should grab it by a wing, neck or leg or even punch or hit it. We did not want any incidents like that. We were concerned that our young daughter might get attacked and be harmed if one of the large males decided to attack. There are incidents were the nesting female will come off the nest and attack whatever her mate is attacking too. Two birds of this size on you is not good.