Making repeat trips to Dubai by air

One of the reasons why the death of Sridevi is considered to be suspicious is that her husband Boney Kapoor had left Dubai after the wedding a few days ago for India and returned to Dubai just a few hours before she was found dead
The cost of a one way flight ticket to Dubai must be fairly high at Rs 15,000 per person, yet only to ‘surprise’ his wife, Boney Kapoor allegedly wasted Rs 40,000-50,000.

Money does not grow on trees, for example the domain investor legally owning this website, has to think twice before making a trip to Mumbai which is only 500 km away, as the trip can cost her Rs 7000- Rs 1200 or more. So unless there is an urgent reason, the domain investor will visit Mumbai only once in three months

However either Boney kapoor has plenty of money or some othe reasons, he made repeat trips to dubai in 3 days, making him the subject of gossip.