#6ETakeoffTuesday from GoIndigo

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#6ETakeoffTuesday – Book a return flight between 12pm – 6pm and get service vouchers worth Rs 300
We are here to break your Tuesday monotony with an exciting offer.
Whether be it a snack onboard or a seat of your preferred choice, book between 12pm – 6pm and get special service vouchers worth ?300 on a return journey.
What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and make the most of this Tuesday.
This offer is only valid on February 20, 2018 between 12pm – 6pm. InterGlobe Aviation Limited (“IndiGo”) will issue a voucher worth Rs. 150 per passenger per segment for customers booking IndiGo flights. Offer is only applicable on IndiGo flight bookings made through IndiGo’s website or mobile app. This offer is not valid on group bookings, bookings made through corporates and travel agents. Vouchers will be sent to the email ID provided at the time of booking IndiGo flight, within seven (7) working days from the date of flight booking. IndiGo will not be responsible for any loss or non-delivery of the voucher due to incorrect email address or any other incorrect information provided at the time of flight booking. Voucher can only be redeemed against purchase of any of the following services on IndiGo flights: (i) snack, (ii) seat, (iii) excess baggage, (iv) fast forward, (v) lounge etc. Voucher will be valid for redemption within three (3) months from the date of issuance. For detailed terms and conditions, please click here.