Singapore Door to Door Flyer Distribution Tactics

Local shops are the backbone of small businesses that earn a living for a lot of families. Small shops hire a lot of people when you look at the combined numbers. Small shops can give you stable employment too. Plus, you are not just a number as you might be in a big corporation. Many businesses only have a few employees but support them with a living wage. Our small business uses Singapore door to door flyer distribution for advertising our services. We are a local business that attracts local customers. We do not seek long-distance customers. We do not waste our limited advertising budget on ads that reach many people outside of our service area. Flyer ads are distributed locally to attract local customers to our business.

I appreciate it that there are still reliable companies out there that will print you a slick ad and then hand it out door to door in the neighborhoods and in the buildings you want to reach. We get a lot of customers from just within a few block radius So, targeting them as a demographic made a lot of sense to our business model. Flyer advertising is easy and much cheaper than many other forms of marketing your business. Our customers get attractive coupons in our flyer ads that get them to come in and shop in large numbers.

Every flyer campaign we run has been a resounding success. We begin to get new customers coming in within a couple hours of beginning to distribute the flyers. I have actually never seen a marketing turnaround like that for any sale incentive I could even begin to think to offer. Singapore door to door flyer distribution is inexpensive, and the customers really take to it, especially if you have a slick flyer with a great discount.