The Long Time It Takes to Get Better from Frozen Shoulder Can Lead to Other Problems

I thought my shoulder and arm pain might be serious as I was feeling it in my left arm. I went to my doctor who sent me for a complete workup to check my heart. It was coming on gradually over a long period of time, so it was not like that sudden pain in the left arm that comes on quickly or gets worse with activity. I ended up being diagnosed with frozen shoulder. It took almost two years to feel better, and then I had to go to aSacramento chiropractic office office for some therapy on my back.

Over the two years I had the problems with the frozen shoulder, I had adjusted how I moved my left arm. I even switched my wallet to my right side back pocket as I could not bend my arm enough to get my wallet out of my left pocket. I had a little therapy for my frozen shoulder, but I was without insurance for a time when I lost my job due to not being able to use my arm much. Yes, it was a mess during that time. I lost muscle mass on my left side, and my neck and back were now out of whack.

I got back over 90 percent of my range of motion I had before I got frozen shoulder. I was not having it manipulated under general anesthesia. That was not for me. The Sacramento chiropractic office helped me get my back into shape. The pain in my back was subsiding with every visit. I completed their recommended therapy, and I felt like a new man. I was getting my strength back in my arm, and the awful back pain was going away. It was a long road toward recovering from frozen shoulder, but I am better now.