It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Struggling to find a home is a challenge which many Americans are forced to face. For many the struggle is quick and they are lucky to find themselves a permanent home quickly. Apartment living might be the perferred choice for living which might mean that they will be seeking to find a new apartment every year if they decide to move out after their lease is up. With Topeka apartments for rent to anywhere in the Union, Americans right now are all looking for the home of their dreams or at least the closest thing to the nebulous concept of that dream.

The socially induced stress that young adults feel when they first step into the confusion that is the world of responsibility can encourage them to enter into poor financial contracts. One of those, I feel, is the mortgage. The signing away of multiple decades of financial security and future is not something to be taken lightly. I’ve had friends jump at the chance once they’ve been approved without doing the necessary planning. I wouldn’t even be able to do it myself or want to do it. Having plans for the future is all well and good. Plenty of successful people do so.

I’m not concerned with the future that far in advance. Life is too uncertain, too chaotic and there might be other opportunities that arise out of that chaos that will lead me to make drastic choices that might change the course of my life. Apartments are not something to be looked down on. They can be as comforting and welcoming of a home as any house. A home is what you make of it and what you fill it with. If you make it a warm, inviting solace you will never know the difference between a house and an apartment.